Friday, July 9, 2010


Here's to my very first blog post!

Believe it or not, I created this blog in December of 2008. After I secured the site, I never touched it again. Fast forward to July 2010. I went to Google Blogger to secure my site and it was taken. What? Oh, right. It was taken by, um, ME!

So, here I am writing my first blog as a pre-service elementary teacher, about to enter into the world of education. With one semester left before student teaching in the spring, I decided to begin to create my digital footprint. I hear that knowledge (and the use of) instructional technology in my future classroom is valuable and will enhance the learning of my future students. So, if this is true I better get a head start so I know what I am doing!

There will be many adventures I will take and many curiosities I will have as I complete my course work and begin my new career as an educator, and I am looking forward to using my blog as the spot to tell my stories and ask my questions in hopes for some feedback from those more seasoned in the profession. For example, how was my first post?

With that said, I am going to keep this one short. Until next time......

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